Each participant is required to purchase a one (1) time Membership Key tag. Use the "Blue Membership Button" below to purchase a membership key tag. Once you complete your registration and payment online; upon arrival at our facility, please pass by the front desk and ask for your key tag. Let a staff member know that you signed up online and he/she will give you your key tag upon request.

  • If you pay for Open Gym, you will be guaranteed at least 1 hour of space time. After that hour you may continue using the space until a rental or league starts.

  • If you do not receive a full hour of Open Gym, you will be given a free Open Gym pass for use on another day.

  • We will not offer a refund for Open Gym otherwise.

  • No food, drinks, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, or metal cleats permitted on the playing surface. No sunflower seeds or similar type products are permitted in the facility.

  • No glass containers on the playing surfaces.

  • All facility rules posted at the entrance & throughout the facility must be followed. Any participant not following the facility rules will be asked to leave by the Sportsplex staff.


Open Gym hours vary daily. Please confirm availability by calling us at (732) 494-3000

Monday 9/16/19

Soccer: 9AM - 7PM, 7:30PM -9PM, 10PM - Closing.

Basketball: 9AM - 5PM, 11PM - Closing.

Tuesday 9/17/19

Soccer: 9AM - 6PM, 10:30PM - Closing.

Basketball: 9AM - 6PM, 8PM - Closing.

Wednesday 9/18/19

Soccer: 9AM - 6PM, 7:30PM - 9PM.

Basketball: 9AM - 6PM, 8PM - Closing.

Thursday 9/19/19

Soccer: 9AM - Closing.

Basketball: 9AM - 8PM, 9PM - Closing.


Friday 9/20/19

Soccer: 9AM - Closing.

Basketball: 9AM - 5PM, 8PM -9PM, 11PM - Closing.


Saturday 9/21/19

Soccer: 12PM - Closing.

Basketball: 12PM - Closing.


Sunday 9/22/19

Soccer: 7AM - Closing.

Basketball: 11AM - 5PM, 8PM - Closing.



$10 per participant

*$5 before 5PM on Weekdays!*