Field Trips

Join the Sportsplex at Metuchen for a fun-filled school field trip! We will organize classes in Olympic-Style programs that might include; Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Kickball, Dodgeball, and much more. Or come on in and the kids can unwind with programs that your school set up. Book your field trip today by filling out the form below or calling 732-494-3000!

All participants are required to sign our in-person waiver.

Field Trip Choices

Tournament with Round Robin Scrimmages: Can include the following sports, based on your preferences; Flag Football, Soccer, Dodgeball, Kickball, Wiffleball, and/or Basketball.

Field Day with Relay Races and a Kickball Game: Several relay type-games are chosen depending on the playing surfaces and amount of time reserved.

Soccer & Basketball Training Activities: Coaches run age appropriate activities to develop students' soccer and/or basketball skills.

Create Your Own Field Day: Discuss with us the combination of sport activities you would like to run and we will modify the reservation based on your needs.

Referees and coaches are not included in cost.


Field Trip pricing is per child, per hour. Pricing applies to weekdays from 9am to 4pm. The minimum field trip time is 1 hour.

The cost per child is as follows:
1-Hour: $12/child
2-Hours: $14/child
3-Hours: $16/child
4-Hours: $20/child

Referees: $30 per hour.

Soccer/Basketball Coordinator: $45 per hour.

Deposit: 25% Non-Refundable Deposit is required at time of reservation.

All participants are required to sign our facility waiver.

Surface Recommendations

The recommended number of playing surfaces according to the number of children attending are as follows:
Up to 16: 1 surface
17 to 32: 2 surfaces
33 to 48: 3 surfaces
49 to 64: 4 surfaces
65 to 80: 5 surfaces
81 to 96: 6 surfaces

At least one surface should be reserved per 16 children. Normal rental rates will be charged for any additional surfaces reserved. Example: If 18 children are attending, two surfaces should be reserved. If this group would like to play more than two games/hour, then a third surface should be reserved at our regular rental cost.

Food Options

Add a lunch to your field trip for $6 per child!

For each field trip, all children will receive two slices of pizza, chips, and a drink. Food orders must be finalized within one week prior to the event with our Youth Programs and Events Coordinator, Brandon Meyers. A flat $30 service fee is added on the total lunch order for each field trip.

16” Cheese Pizza: $12.99.
16” Pepperoni Pizza: $14.99.
Trophy: $25

Referee: $30.00 per hr
Soccer/Basketball Coordinator: $45.00 per hr

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