Winter 2019 Little Dribblers Classes

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The Sportsplex at Metuchen is now running our very own Youth Basketball Program! Our program is an effective and successful way of impacting your children’s skill level while making a meaningful connection to the children as well. The coaching staff are very well-trained and dedicated to making sure they are making a contribution to the children, not only on the court, but off the court. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that every participant engages in their own exciting experience and takes a step toward their basketball careers.

Use the “Red Registration Button” below to register for our classes; select the age group for your child and fill out the registration form.

Each participant is required to purchase a one (1) time Membership Key tag. Use the "Blue Membership Button" below to purchase a membership key tag. Once you complete your registration and payment online; upon arrival at our facility, please pass by the front desk and ask for your key tag. Let a staff member know that you signed up online and he/she will give you your key tag upon request.


Dates: November 16th to January 4th, Saturday.

November 17th to January 5th, Sunday.

November 20th to January 8th, Wednesday

Time: 8AM-8:50AM - Saturday

9AM - 9:50AM - Sunday

5PM - 5:50PM - Wednesday

Pricing: $150*

*Disclaimer: The price listed above is only for one session per week. You may not interchange days, and the registration fee covers only your respected original registration day. *

Age Groups:

Introductory (5-8 year olds)

Our introductory program focuses on the basics and fundamentals of basketball, building player character and building their skill set over the course of the session, our introductory program will ensure that the children involved better their skills and come out with a greater understanding of the game.

Foundational (9-12 year olds)

Our foundational program is built to brush up the players who have just moved up from the introductory level and begin their learning experience for the game. Building their technical skill set and focusing on difficult skills such as defending, layups, and ball handling. This level builds individual skill, mentality and fitness of each of our participants.

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