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The Sportsplex at Metuchen is happy to announce the start to our Youth Lacrosse Program! Our Lacrosse program is designed to ensure the growth of our future lacrosse athletes. Our introductory program which ranges from ages 5-8 is built to teach the basics of lacrosse, both basic skill and knowledge of the game. Our foundational program for ages 9-12 is built to fine tune the skills and knowledge gained in our introductory program. Advancing skills to take the step into their lacrosse careers and become the best lacrosse athletes possible!

Participants must bring their own helmets and mouthguards, Sticks and Pads will be provided by the SportsPlex.

Each participant is required to purchase a one (1) time Membership Key tag. Use the "Blue Membership Button" below to purchase a membership key tag. Once you complete your registration and payment online; upon arrival at our facility, please pass by the front desk and ask for your key tag. Let a staff member know that you signed up online and he/she will give you your key tag upon request.


Dates: November 10th to December 29th, Sunday.

Time: 9:30AM-10:20AM

Pricing: $195

Introductory (5-8 year olds) 

Our introductory program focuses on the basics and fundamentals of lacrosse, building player character and building their skill set over the course of the session, our introductory program will ensure that the children involved better their skills and come out with a greater understanding of the game.

Foundational (9-12 year olds) 

Our foundational program is built to brush up the players who have just moved up from the introductory level and begin their learning experience for the game. Building their technical skillset and focusing on difficult skills such as defending, goals, and ball handling. This level builds individual skill, mentality and fitness of each of our participants.

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